Baidu’s DU Ad Platform launches ‘DU+ Plan’

Date:2016-07-07 From:voicendata

Baidu today announced that its international mobile ad platform ‘DU Ad Platform’ has launched the ‘DU+ Plan’ to increase ad monetization for mobile developers. The announcement was made during the Tech In Asia conference in Bangalore, India.

The DU+ Plan promises developers 100 percent of the revenues from mobile advertising campaigns that they carry out on Baidu’s DU Ad Platform. Through this initiative, Baidu aims to help app developers grow their business, and in doing so bolster the growth of mobile ecosystems in emerging markets worldwide.

“The growth of mobile advertising in India is astounding,” said Tim Yang, General Manager of Baidu India. “With the DU+ Plan, developers will be able to experience first-hand how they can capitalize on that growth through our ad platform,” he said.

India is a fast-growing market in terms of digital advertising, especially on mobile devices. According to an industry report from Deloitte, the estimated number of smartphone users in India will be 651 million by 2019, a near five-fold jump from 140 million in 2014.

DU Ad Platform provides advertisers with smart targeted ads, and publishers with efficient monetization solutions. To create the core technology that powers the platform, Baidu conducted big data analysis on the usage patterns of over 1.6 billion users of its international apps. With this data, the company built its own bid-sorting algorithm to optimize ad monetization. In addition to DU Ad Platform, Baidu also provides multiple advertising solutions through its popular Android marketplace MoboMarket.